Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday with a capital M

i've had such a great day. work was work and i made it through, cash in hand i left a happy boy, 1/2 late but whatever. i got home and found the letter i have been waiting for. i wrote myself a letter in treatment, when i was 26 days sober. i kind of knew it was coming it was just weird to read. the decisions i made to get me where i am(staying in mpls), choices i made(going to a 1/2 way house), things i've done(going to meetings and getting involved), the relationships i still have(treatment friends, a kickin sponsor, improved relations with the family) and ones i 'm still working on daily(an actual relationship with god that gets better everyday, being more comfortable being me and actually being happy more, talking with my dad and friends i have burned in the past). it's almost beeen 200 days since i wrote that letter, and granted everyday hasn't been top notch, but without drinking and working on all of the above my life has never been as bad as my best day drinnking. my physical health is rebounding so nicely too. i wrote that i hoped things got better because i was 265 pounds and absolutely miserable. little by little i'm down to 225! i still have a way to go, but feel great, i'm starting to get pipes and even did aerobics today! i topped it off with an amazing meeting which happened to be medallion night. people were getting 1 month chips all the way up to 7 years. it just helps to remind me what i have accomplished and what i want for my future.


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