Tuesday, August 03, 2004

homeward bound

things on the hi-fi today:

radiohead-sail me to the moon
catpower-he war
beth orton-someone's daughter
coldplay-everythings not lost

tomorrow is the big day. i haven't really been home for an extended period of time since the end of january, which is when i left for treatment and i feel ready. lots of family and friends to see, but i'm not stressing myself out. i tend to over think things and build these scenarios in my head of how or what it'll be like and this time i think i'm just going to try to let it happen. i have lots of support, here and there, so things should be just great.

i'll keep y'all updated, and if your lucky i'll even get a few pictures added to my site.


Blogger SparklesMpls said...

Have fun! Sven's on vacation this week, so you probably won't see him :-(

6:25 AM  

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