Monday, August 16, 2004


my monday started out a little funky as the rain just made want to sleep. so much so that i was late getting out of bed and late to work. it was starting out all ho-hum and my first customer said to me "remember gloria estefan?".


last week i had told her "turn the beat around" and put a good spin on her monday morning. it worked for her last week and me this week. i guess you get back what you put out there.

went to the gym tonight after a few days off. working so early on the weekends makes it hard to stay motivated to go in the afternoon. i went at 7 which is a little later than i usually go and damn if it wasn't packed to the gills. so many people and to many hot guys. i have to figure out something to do there in my down time, because i often find myself staring at all the hbt's (hottie beau totties) most likely mouth agape and all.

i feel really good about going to the gym so much, i just need to nourish my brain as much. it's been awhile since i've seen some art and need to pick up the pace on my reading too. going to school and creating new art are on the horizon too, but that is more of a $$ issue, or lack of. i have been thinking of looking for an additional job to bring my income back to what i'm used to, something like waiting tables a few nights a week. i just have to be careful with what i do. i need to be able to go to my meetings foremost + the gym + me time = not enough hours in the day. at this point getting by is just fine for now.

i'm so excited i have the day off tomorrow-watch out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think every Monday should be Tribute to Gloria Estefan Day... Hmmm...

Oh, and don't worry... we'll get you in films soon enough!

Wanda Wisdom

8:48 AM  

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