Saturday, August 07, 2004

as the world turns...

it's saturday and rainy and kind of dreary in duluth today. it's a good day to nap like my niece is doing, mom too. i even fell out for an hour or so.

went to the big gay meeting here in duluth last night and was kind of let down. maybe it was an off day but their were only a few people there and it had a weird feel. i knew a few of them and got out of it what i needed. i guess it makes me grateful for all the great meetings i get to go to in minneapolis and all the great friends i have made through them. i guess missing them this week will help me appreciate them more next week.

have been seeing a lot of my old friends and it makes me miss living here. so much has and is happening, i guess i get caught up in my own life that i forget that things still continue to happen. lovers come and go, work drama, drama drama.......things didn't start over for everybody when i finally got sober. it's just a weird feeling like i am a part of their lives, but apart too. i needed and had to go on this journey i'm on and sometimes forget that things will never be the same.


Blogger GratefulGuy said...

Miss you in Minneapolis...Enjoy yourself...Call your sponsor when you get home...Hint...Hint

9:31 PM  

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