Monday, August 23, 2004

212 or 212

today is my 212th day of sobriety. i still count days, but look forward more to the months and 1/4 years and soon enough the yearly ones too. everyday is a new day but palindromic ones are seemingly more lucky, at least to me.

i have been feeling like my serentity is being tested by people i know more and more. it's just helping me to focus more on my part of the equation (why i feel this way) and giving me ample opportunity to practice letting go.

sounds a little woe is me, but things are really humming along quite well. i was secret shopped last week at the corporate coffee shop and got a 100%! wish i got a bonus for this, but doing a good job and having a good time with great co-workers and the occasional nice customer is reward enough. i'm working earlier mornings a few more days this week and will hopefully get back to a "normal" schedule next week. i still had time to hit the gym today and even lost a few more pounds from last week. went to a movie, "open water" which sucked and checked out a new deli-Caffrey's, which had the best philly i've had in minneapolis to date. oh yum, i want another one, but i digress and digest.


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congrats back'atcha!

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