Thursday, July 15, 2004

nose to the grindstone

nothing reminds you that you work for a major faceless corporation more than going to a training "meeting" at their "campus" in the suburbs. they like me enough i guess to give me a raise and i should be grateful that i have a job that allows me to do all the things i need to do for my sobriety, i just can't help but feel a little unclean sometimes.
went to the gym today again. i'm really getting into going again, i just stopped going rather abrubtly 5+ years ago.  i just need to quit flexing for myself. yes i am a dork.
finished item #5 from yesterday's to do list and now i'd like to give a little shout out to my homies in sanfran-whattup-i miss you two!
tomorrow is friday and i'm so excited to see chris o'reilly play radiohead tunes on his piano at orchestra hall, thom yorke is such a moody genius, i think a beautiful weekend is in my future.


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