Monday, July 12, 2004

monday, monday....

i can never really decide what is the better monday theme song-"monday, monday" by the mammas and the pappas or "manic monday" by the bangles? today seemed like a little of both.

woke up late for work, called in, wasn't really late yet, but ended up being late anyways, sometimes i feel i may never win. made it through the day, fairly unscathed and richer for my efforts, so all was not lost.

got home and wanted to crash out, but before my butt could meld into the couch, pedaled my bike to the gym. did aerobics again, mostly for comedic purposes of others taking the class + more cardio and now find my self at home.

it's my day off tomorrow and i can stay up and out late, which means i will be unable to find anyone to run around. i was invited to go hear some music with some normy(peeps who aren't or don't need to be in recovery) friends, but i just don't know if i feel up to the challenge of being in a bar tonight. the kitty kat klub is cool and i do love the photomat booth there, but staying sober and keeping on the journey i'm on are even more important. i'll have to meditate on this one.

ugggh, working out really makes me crave food that's really not so good for me, stuff like cheesecake with cherries on top from vera's, oddly enough i just crave the kind with cherries on it, not the turtle or the berries?

well it's day lily season and a i see a walk in my future.


Blogger SparklesMpls said...

Welcome to blog land!!!!

I always find myself wanting to pig out after a workout, too! It's like "I deserve this - I just worked out." Sadly, it's much better if you eat that stuff before your workout so you give your body a chance to work it off.

10:28 PM  

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