Tuesday, July 27, 2004

kick the damn ball.....

after much internal debate i decided to go play kickball and grill out with my co-workers tonight. i think i suffer from some rare disease where i think i'm too cool to do somethings, which probably has prevented me from doing many things in the past. maybe i'm just a wee bit stuck up for no good reason. anyways i went after the gym, instead of going to my normal tuesday night meeting and had a blast. our team got our asses kicked, something like 22 to 2, but some dramatic action on the field and good times i think were had by all.

so my hand, which i burned last week, was finally starting to heal when i sliced open my middle finger pretty deep, using a pair of scissors as a box cutter. why do stupid things happen in slow motion, but not slow enough to be stopped?

i have the next 2 whole days off!!!!!! i have some unfinished business on many different fronts to attend to, but nothing that can't be taken care after i wake up late and then take a nap. the front desk has already been instructed to hold all calls until noon.


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