Saturday, July 24, 2004

is this the weekend?

i can't believe i won this morning. i play a game on the weekend call beat the alarm clock. today i woke up @ 4:42, beating my 3 alarm clocks by three whole minutes! i obviously go to work early, but it's so great to bike around uptown at 5 am with no one out on the streets. the air is always cool, ecspecially today, and the sun just starts to make an appearance but in general it's still a very pretty violet-indigo twilight color. plus the other major bonus is i'm done with work by 12 noon! we'll see how long this enthusiasm lasts....

i just found out this week that two people i knew from my high school days passed away this week. one suicide and the other natural causes. i don't think of people my age dieing that much because it seems out of place, not keeping with natural order and all, just weird that 2 friends left in the span of a week.


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