Wednesday, July 28, 2004

hump day

so the first of 2 days off it rained. thankfully not much or often, but the threat of sudden rain put an edge of danger on the afternoon. had a nice breakfast at the sunnyside up cafe and went to vera's, where i should have been working on a project. got sidetracked and went to a meeting then worked on the project at the urban bean. i like the ub because i can get more done there and it tends to be mellow to the point of boredom, which sometimes i need.

moved up to free weights at the gym and even did cardio. i kind of feel pretty tonight because of it. that and i think i'm done putting "product" in my hair, rendering me even more soft and fluffy. some other things i may try next week include vegetarianism, quitting smoking, going back to school, i mean not all at once, but these ideas have been rattling through my head.

went to my normal wednesday night meeting and even had some ice cream with little mini summer colored m&m's. naughty i know but necessary.

i do go to the dentist tomorrow, but not the hottie i saw last week. i hope the knew one is even hotter and equally as sensitive.


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