Saturday, July 31, 2004


i guess i took a few days off from blogging, lots has been going on. i'm currently in a struggle with my bike, mainly my back wheel which popped when i ran over a huge nail on my way to work friday at 6:45 am. i'd like to add that i would have been early, well groomed and in a sunny disposition. i thought i had my shit together when i patched the flat the 1st time. well it didn't work yesterday, nor today when i tried to fix it again. i guess i'll quit being so cheap and get a new tube tomorrow. it sucks because my bike is my car and without it my timing is all off.

my sister and niece flew into today from texas for 10 days. they're spending the night in mpls and will go up to duluth tomorrow to hang out with my mom and extended family. we had dinner with her best friend in linden hills where they'll spend the night. the niece is so amazing as she is growing up so quick and its amazing to see my sister changing and growing into a mother right beside her. my sister was the original tomboy, we used to egg houses together and get into all kinds of trouble. she and her friends have all become fairly successful stable members of society. they were very concerned with whether or not to have beers with dinner and i still don't know how i feel about this. would it be weirder to have people not drink or what. they did at my insisting, i still don't know how to approach this subject yet. one of her friends is a handsome gay doctor who was debating if he had it all to do over again would he? he said no because of all the sacrifices he had to make. it got me thinking if i could change my life would i? i guess our lives are completely different and our unique experiences relative. would i have left the art gallery to party & trade it all for kicks. part of me wants to say no, but i can never change the course of events and the situation i'm in. it's just hard for me sometimes to accept this sometimes. i can only get better with each passing day.


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